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PRESENTATION DEPARTMENT: Everything you will need for the smartest portfolio presentation as well as a section for framing and mounting equipment can be found in this area.
Artists Portfolios
Photographer's Portfolios
Presentation Boards
Framing Equipment

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Metal Executive Case A1
Hardshell ABS case which hold artwork and foamboard firmly in place with pressure clamps. These cases afford extra protection in transit being reinforced with an aluminium frame together with reinforcing bars behind the handle. Self locking stays keep the lid open during presentations. Dimensions: 860 x 610 x 75mm.
Rotring ArtPen Lettering Medium Nib
Comes in a metal box with 5 black ink cartridges.
Winsor Drawing Ink Range 14ML
Winsor and Newton Inks are formulated from a series of soluble dyes in a superior shellac solution.
Master Bow with Lengthening Bar
Ecobra Master Bow compass with lengthening bar: length 162mm (6"), working range 500mm (20").