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Products you may also be interested in

Winsor Water Colour Blending Medium 75ml
This medium slows the drying rate of water colours allowing more time for blending. It is particularly useful in hot climates where the artist would like their watercolour to stay open and workable for a longer period of time.
Brown acrylic brush set (W8)
Quality brush set made from synthetic hair to the highest specifications. Ideal for acrylic and oil paints these brushes can be used with many other paints too.
Pigment Grinding Binder for Acrylic
Create your own Acrylic paints by adding this ready to use binder to pigments. Contains emulsion of acrylic and diffusing agent. Can be thinned with water.
Liquin Impasto Range
An alternative to Oleopasto, this is a semi-gloss medium that extends tube colour and provides bulk. For heavier brush work, Liquin Impasto is the only medium that safely thickens oil colour. When dry it forms a tough, flexible film that can be varnished in the normal way.