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Products you may also be interested in

Face Mask
To help prevent the inhalation of dust, toxic sprays etc.
Badger Airbrush Model 250.3
Basic easy to use airbrush. It will spray a fine line from 19mm to 50mm and is ideal for backgrounds, fogging, textures aswell as working with stencils. Set contains jars, hose, regulator, propellant and instruction book.
Badger Dual Action Airbrush (Model 150)
An extremely versatile airbrush which can be attached to three inter-changeable head assemblies. A bottom feed feature allows for quick colour changes. It is adaptable to both 3/4 oz and 2oz paint jars and a 1/4 oz colour cup. The set is complete with 3 head assemblies and needles XL (will spray from a pencil line to 25.4mm) IL (line width 1.5mm to 38mm) and HD (3.2mm to 50.8mm), 2 jars, colour cup, braided hose, compressor adaptor and instruction book in wooden case.
Liquitex Airbrush Medium 237ml
A pre-filtered ready to use medium that easily thins any acrylic, watercolour or gouache to the right consistency for airbrushing. Decreases airbrush clogging and paint build up. Comes in a 237ml jar.