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Products you may also be interested in

Master Bow with Lengthening Bar
Ecobra Master Bow compass with lengthening bar: length 162mm (6"), working range 500mm (20").
Rotring Rapidograph Pen Range
Instead of the normal manually filled resevoir, the Rapidograph uses capillary cartridges. This pen is a precision technical instrument for the professional draughtsman.
Luminance 6901 Pencils
The highest lightfastness associated with the rich smoothness of a permanent lead. Luminance 6901 pencil combines a soft, generous lead, thanks to the quality and high concentration of selected pigments, and the highest light-fastness. Luminance 6901 is the ultimate coloured pencil for all professional artists. Available in sets and single colours.
Journal Sketch Book Square(5.5"x5.5")
Square 5.5" x 5.5". Hand-bound durable cover has just the right flexibility. Contains 128 pages of heavyweight buff drawing paper with a good tooth. Great for pen & ink, pencil and markers. Accepts light watercolor washes without bucking and, of course, it's 100% acid-free. We wrap it all up with a durable elastic closure and tuck a very useful clear envelope inside the back cover. Hand book-journals that are just right.