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Products you may also be interested in

Metal Executive Case A1
Hardshell ABS case which hold artwork and foamboard firmly in place with pressure clamps. These cases afford extra protection in transit being reinforced with an aluminium frame together with reinforcing bars behind the handle. Self locking stays keep the lid open during presentations. Dimensions: 860 x 610 x 75mm.
Proportional Divider A3890
This Proportional Divider comes in a lined wooden case. Length 184mm (7.2mm). Nickel silver with steel tips. Rack and pinion movement. Scales: lines, circles, squares, cubes, golden rule.
Eastwood Drawing/Sketching Board
The Eastwood isb a sketching board with a sliding draw underneath. A plywood seperator fits in the drawer for storage of 12 x 9 watercolour sheets. 2 spacer blocks prevent the paper getting crushed. Includes fold up legs.
The Harleston Drawing Board Range
A high quality drawing board that has a unique precision engineered rack and pinion track system which contols the parallel action of the straight edge, ensuring smooth running and a high degree of accuracy. The straight edge can be precisely adjusted when using the handwheel, and can be locked in any position. Its design ensures accuracy throughout the life of the drawing board, superior to conventional systems. This white melamine drawing board with red edging has adjustable angle positions.